Diamond Cerification

Is It Important To Get A Diamond Grading Report When You Buy A Diamond?

Your diamond certification is so important, it’s sometimes referred to as the 5th C. Diamonds with a GIA grading report will help you down the road to:

  • Confirm the quality of your diamond
  • Help to verify ownership for repair or insurance
  • Prove useful if you want to resell a diamond

All Gulab Diamonds Diamonds Include A GIA Diamond Grading Report

As stated before, every loose diamond sold by Gulab Diamonds has been analyzed and graded by the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA). Since 1931, this non-profit laboratory has ranked among the most respected in the diamond industry, setting the standards for impartial quality review and education.

Watch Out: The UK Government legally permits jewellers to be off by one colour and clarity grade. It might sound like a small margin of error, but it can mean that you pay hundreds or thousands of Pounds more for your stone. Never buy a diamond without a GIA report.

Do All Labs Grade Diamonds The Same Way?

Definitely not. While Gulab Diamonds adheres to GIA standards, diamond grading protocols, systems and nomenclature can vary by organisation. Other labs besides the GIA include the American Gem Society (AGS), European Gemmological Laboratory (EGL), International Gemmological Institute (IGI), and Hoge Raad voor Diamont (HRD).